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A multimedia artist, Marilyn Harris Bautista's first love is oil on canvas, capturing traditional and classic scenes of Rome the Eternal City. Since the early 90's that love has extended to find free expression and life in original monoprints. Her art reveals a passion for living evocative forms, fusing colors, shapes and hidden passages.

"Each person perceives the beauty of nature differently. Lines in nature aren't straight, yet much has symmetry. The shape of a leaf, the curve of a sandstone arch, the canopy of a tree; all speak of harmony and balance. While these shapes are incorporated into my work, superimposed over the images one can find my interpretation of the chaos created in relationships. Whether it is a mother and child or lovers, all relationships are based on a form of bonding. Sometimes that is conveyed by knots and tangles but other times it is loosely threaded throughout the piece, just as it is throughout our lives. Most of my paintings and prints are played out to the sound of music. It has been a powerful influence in my life and therefore in my art. It's effects, visible and invisible are woven into the very fabric of my work."

Marilyn's art compels your attention and then lets it wander. Up stairways... through arches...past alleys...inside portals...along passageways... You feel its free expression as you search through the curious doorways and arches of the past. Many of her paintings are accompanied by her poetry, extending beyond the visual, to enrich the experience of her work.

A native Kentuckian, Marilyn began seriously pursuing the study of art while living in Bolivia in the 1970's. She adopted Texas in the 1980's, and she has been studying art in the Houston area ever since, taking breaks to do Master classes in print making in both Boston, New Orleans and most recently in Paris. She received her Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of Texas, and when she is not painting, she is engaged in research at Baylor College of Medicine.


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artist statement
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